Protecting Western Loudoun

I am proud of all the accomplishments I have been able to achieve the past four years. There is so much more to do during the next term. I hope I can count on your vote.

Farms – Families – Villages – Towns


  • Secured funding for Sweet Run State Park in Neersville
  • Supporting Conservation Easements, PDR & TDR Farmland Protection programs
  • Protecting Loudoun’s View Sheds Denied Short Hill Monopole


  • Led and passed $73 million Broadband project serving 8,600+ homes in Western Loudoun by 2024 using NO local taxpayer funding


  • Reducing regulation on agriculture and small business
  • Promoting Loudoun’s $1.8 billion agritourism industry
  • Coordinated COVID Funding & Information through
    the Western Loudoun Rural Business Forum


  • Accelerated Route 15 improvement phases
  • Opposed Dulles Greenway 6.8% yearly toll increase
  • Initiated Village of Waterford Infrastructure Project
  • Opened Lovettsville Community Center and Park
  • Introduced Small Area Plan for Lucketts
  • Enacted Lucketts & Route 15 Safety Improvements

Caleb’s Plan for Catoctin

Make Loudoun County Government Work for You by:

  • Opposing property tax increases
  • Reducing car taxes
  • Implementing business friendly zoning and permitting

Restore Excellence to Loudoun County Public Schools. Work with LCPS to:

  • Respect Parental Rights and Improve School Safety
  • Remove sexually explicit books
  • Protect privacy and dignity of girls in bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports
  • Continue Agriculture Education in the classroom
  • Include Loudoun History in VA History Curriculum

Advance and Finalize Key Projects including:

  • Route 15 North
  • Route 7 Widening from Route 9 to Greenway
  • PDR and TDR Farmland Preservation Programs
  • Route 9 and 287 Roundabout
  • Western Loudoun Recreation and Aquatic Center

Begin, Implement and Fund Key Projects including:

  • Small Area Plans for Remaining Villages
  • Department of Agriculture for Loudoun
  • Loudoun’s Linear Parks and Trails Program
  • TDR and PDR Land Preservation Programs
  • Loudoun Agriculture and Farm Show Center
  • Annual Loudoun Farm and Equine Survey
  • Waterford Infrastructure Project

Support General Assembly Initiatives to:

  • Increase VDOT budget for rural road maintenance
  • Allow equal access for all county students to participate in
    public school sports

Ready to get involved?

My campaign to be a Champion for Catoctin is a team effort! Sign up today to help me meet voters, walk in parades, donate campaign resources, and more!